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Institution's History and Philosophy

Rubi Educational Center is a private institution of Pre-School to Superior Degree. It is autorize and credited by the Department of Education of Puerto Rico and the General Couselor of Education.

It is guide by Mrs. Carmen M. Torres. The institution provides all the necesity of this educational levels academically.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the institution it is base on the individual and integrity development of the human being. It covers physical, social and emotionals aspects.

The principal objective and the goal is to provide to all students equally and excellence academical knowledge. To form the student to become an useful tool in society. Prepare student to be independent.

The school staff and parents will work together in the society in the elements of: Home care, school and community therefore, to have the philosophy and objectives perform.

The outcome of the individual teaching is to perceive something already learned and thought and keep in mind that all human being has the right to be educated, as a citizen to be a good individual in the society we live.
Colegio Rubi Las Piedras, PR